Your points of contact – Successful managers

Our managing directors and senior consultants are successful managers from the world of commerce. Occupying a range of management positions, they have contributed to the success of renowned commercial enterprises over the course of many years.

They are supported by teams of specialists from a range of fields who also have extensive experience working on commercial projects.


Jörg Bernhard

Contact for strategy, logistics and human resources.

After completing his studies in mathematics and computer sciences, Jörg Bernhard worked in production management at NDR Rundfunk/Fernsehen (north German broadcasting) for two years.

Following this, Jörg Bernhard took charge of the organisation of structures and processes across all business areas at Schneider Versand GmbH in Wedel. At this time, Schneider launched the B2B catalogue business (advertising material). Within three years, he managed to handle the extraordinary growth of the distance selling market from an organisational and technical perspective, with sales in the region of almost 300 million DM. In addition to managing projects in customer service, purchasing and logistics in Wedel, Jörg Bernhard played a significant role in the development of international business, including in Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In November 1991, Jörg Bernhard founded Bernhard Unternehmensberatung, initially focusing on organisational consulting for distance selling across all operational functional areas and processes.

Over the course of the last 20 years, Jörg Bernhard developed Bernhard Unternehmensberatung into a highly skilled and solution-oriented consultancy service for commerce, production and services. Over 200 customers have availed of expert advice across more than 800 projects.

His core areas of consulting include the management of large, complex projects and shareholder structures, the foundation and development of new business segments, business process optimisation, fusions, cooperations, joint ventures, logistics processes, material flow, goods flow and value flow, inventory management, supply chain management, indicator systems, organisation of working time, payment systems and staff requirement planning.

Gerd Herzog

Contact for information systems and business processes.

Gerd Herzog began his long career in distance selling when he joined the OTTO Group as a programmer in 1989. By 2001, he had occupied a number of roles ranging from head of the IT department to managing director of OTTO Software Partner GmbH.

From 2001 to 2005, he was responsible for around 300 employees as IT Director and was responsible for global operations. His core working areas were the restructuring of organisational, process and employee structures, major projects including those in ‘migration of ERP, call centres and logistics’, ‘financial systems’, ‘e-commerce/multichannel for numerous sales lines’, ‘new locations USA, Asia and Eastern Europe’, as well as the management of two affiliated companies (OSP Dresden, Baur Burgkunstadt) as operational adviser. Furthermore, Gerd Herzog was also responsible for international cooperation for Asia, USA and Europe, as well as distribution and logistics systems for Hermes General Service (HGS).

From 2006 to 2011, he served as managing director of Media-Saturn IT Services GmbH, and took over as chairperson in 2007. In parallel to this, he served as vice president of Media-Saturn Holding GmbH for IT strategy and security with Procura. His core areas involved central IT for 16 countries with 30 sales lines (Saturn, Media Markt), responsibility for the IT managers from the European companies, as well as expansion into new countries. He also worked on the extensive restructuring of IT organisation, outsourcing projects, offshoring/nearshoring and major projects including those in ‘multichannel’, ‘migration of old/new ERP’ and ‘supplier trade and logistics’. In addition, Gerd Herzog was also responsible for cost-efficiency projects, IT strategy, IT management for 16 countries with two sales lines, and due diligence for acquisitions.

Gerd Herzog has worked as a consultant since 2011. His core areas of consultancy include IT strategies, business processes, ERP systems, supplier selection, requirements specifications and ensuring implementation.