Making the right moves – expertise, responsibility and independence

We always put the interests of the customer first. This is the cornerstone of our consultancy services and enables us to always provide optimal results through our services and commitment. We are driven by exciting and exclusive projects. Regular tasks based solely on price are not what we are all about.

Our consulting and service philosophy develops through a close-knit partnership with our customers. Due to close dialogue through our individual consulting service and the high level of flexibility of our consultants, we are always able to meet our customers’ needs.

The trust shown in us by our customers forms the basis of our success. Our professional qualifications as well as compliance with laws, regulations and our codes of conduct lay the foundations for successful business development.

We advise you only in areas in which we have proven expertise, as acquired through our practical experience. We support respectful communication, responsible management and the desire for personal integrity on the part of every person. We encounter new challenges every day in the course of our projects. These require all manner of decisions to be made. Each decision has consequential effects on the project, the customer, and on ourselves. One wrong decision can have serious consequences for the success of a project, and thus also for Bernhard Unternehmensberatung.

Accordingly, values and codes of conduct for proper actions are of prime importance. 

The cornerstones of our activities

We always provide services with proven quality. Expertise, responsibility, confidentiality, independence and respect are the cornerstones of our activities. These values and codes of conduct can only prevail if responsibility is taken to ensure their implementation.

  • Expertise: we can meet the challenging expert demands of our customers by putting our detailed knowledge and expertise to use. We only make promises to our customers that we can keep.
  • Responsibility: we set a good example and take responsibility for our decisions.
  • Confidentiality: we expressly promise to handle all trade and business secrets of our customers with the utmost confidentiality. We will never disclose any knowledge or information acquired through the consulting process to third parties. Such information may only be shared with third parties based on the consent of the customer.
  • Independence: our consultancy services are comprehensible, clear and appropriate. We conduct examinations, provide advice and make judgements based exclusively on objective criteria. There are no obligations which limit our independence.
  • Respect: courtesy and fairness – we always treat our customers and colleagues with respect.

To ensure the singular and, above all, sustainable success of our consultancy services, as business consultants, we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are never left on their own with our concepts. We guide our customers through the implementation and follow-up processes to ensure sustainable and singular success.

We believe that business consulting can only work with the highest levels of trust and discretion. We are fully committed to our responsibility towards our customers and business partners.