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The ‘always on, always connected, always disposed’ mindset of the digital individual is now setting the biggest challenges yet in the world of commerce. We call this triple-A commerce. Our goal is to create appropriate strategies and enable ‘anything, anytime, anywhere’ business for our customers.

The concept of triple-A commerce signifies the synaptic fusion of all influencing variables for operational and creative trading. A mash-up of what is known leads to new information. What were previously known as channels have fallen by the wayside. After all, the world needs to be more than just beautiful and new. It also needs to be profitable.

Our team consisting of members from all of our areas of competence enables our efficient consulting concept, based on a focused process analysis phase, where your company is always viewed as a whole across all areas.

Vielfältig und effizient: Unsere Kompetenzbereiche

Under the term ‘multichannel’, distance selling and stationary retail are now continuing to converge. All around us, stationary retailers are entering into and expanding in the world of e-commerce, while former start-ups are turning into stationary businesses. We combine our practical expertise for optimal processes in (distance) selling with the process, staffing and technical requirements of triple-A commerce. This should produce an AAA rating. Customer service, returns, logistics, ERP and IT are the cornerstones of commerce. In recent years, this has become more complex than ever before.

Keep a clear head, and let us find the right and most sustainable solutions for your current needs. Improving operational excellence is always the first foundation block of our consulting services. We consider the latest technologies, such as robotics in the case of logistics. The further development of ERP systems for triple-A commerce remains of key importance on an individual, customer-specific and economic level. Market image becomes more emotive. Experience, surprise, fun – on top of price and operational excellence – what makes the best even better. Our day-to-day activities include projects across all operational retail and direct marketing areas, the combination of process and IT expertise, and the development of fast-growing companies.